David von Oheimb's Photo Gallery:
Hints on using the photo pages and the panorama viewer

For switching forth and back between photos (both still ones and animated panoramas), you may use the right or left arrows shown below each photo. The up arrow will bring you to the overview page, scrolled to the thumbnail view of the photo just displayed.

On systems with (multi-)touch screen (e.g., mobile phones), in addition you may

Within a still photo or panorama animated using HTML5/WebGL, you may click

Within a panorama animated using Flash or Java, you may click

Panorama Viewer

Many of the panoramas on this photo gallery are animated using the ImmerVision PURE Player.

Inside the panorama displayed with the viewer you can navigate interactively. Doing so pauses the automatic movement.
The main control device is the mouse. You can pan horizontally and tilt vertically inside the scene by moving the mouse while pressing the left button. The mouse wheel, as well as the Shift and Ctrl keys, can be used to zoom in and out. When the toolbar is shown in the viewer, there are buttons for zooming in and out, for entering/leaving full screen mode, for navigation, for starting and stopping the auto movement, and for showing/hiding the hotspots, if applicable.

Hotspots are clickable areas, which can be used to switch to different images. In this gallery,

When the mouse pointer is hovering over a hotspot, the destination of the hotspot is indicated right to the toolbar.


Choice of browsers

To avoid compatibility issues and other problems, it is beneficial to use a modern, secure, fast, and standards compliant browser, like the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Window resizing and scripting problems

Upon resizing the window, the size of the photo and text is adapted as far as possible. This does not work if JavaScript is disabled in the browser. You may activate JavaScript (or in MickeySoft jargon: 'Active Scripting') as described here.

Panoramas and browser plugins

If the panorama animation does not work, the likely reason is that neither a Flash player nor a Java plugin is available on the browser. If one of these is installed, you may try enabling it. Otherwise, you may download and install the Adobe Flash Player or the Sun/Oracle Java Plugin. Then reload the page containing the panorama. The Flash player variant is more efficient and is therefore the preferred one.

Text language and CSS incompatibilities

Some of the pages on this website allow for semi-automatically switching the text language. If this fails, for instance because the browser does not properly support CSS tags, then the texts are shown simultaneously in all available languages. In this case, upgrading your browser is strongly advisable.
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