David von Oheimb's Photo Gallery: Stratus 1600, Oct 2005

Radio controlled high wing electric powered thermal glider by Kyosho, V-tail version.
Wingspan: 1600mm, Length: 1010mm, Wing Area: 28dm², Weight: 700g with electric drive.
Drive: Graupner Speed Gear 400 7.2V 4:1 with 11 × 8" folding propeller, Battery: LiPoly 11.1V, 1500mAh.
Airfoil: RG14 (semi-symmetrical), Wing Loading: 25g/dm², Flight Time (in dead air): approx. 30 minutes.

I invented a special mechanism such that on hard landings the wings can detach easily, to avoid damage.

Instruction manual by Kyosho
Video clip by Model Flight Pty Ltd., Australia

almost-ready-to-fly kit

interior with the original, inefficient Mabuchi 380
direct drive and tiny 6.5 × 3" folding propeller

cell finished - for easy transport
in the original shipping box,
I kept the wings tripartite
and made the tail pluggable
at home in

actually ready to fly

r/c equipment

hang-ar ;-)
first experience
maiden flight in Gröbenzell

ready for 3rd flight near Dachau

the first dent hurts most
with relatives

Lea gracefully presenting the new gear drive, which
is much more efficient than the original direct drive.

5th flight in

unequal encounter

the happy pilot
pilot at work
at -10°C

in the air

perfect landing

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