David von Oheimb's Photo Gallery:
Graz in Advent, Austria, 01-02 Dec 2010

When visiting the mid-size city of Graz on the occasion of FMCO 2010, I was surprised at its beauty and charm. Its medieval center is very picturesque and well-preserved, and I also found the people there noticeably courteous and hospitable. Though being a bit off the beaten tourist tracks in the south-eastern curve of Austria, on the way from Vienna to Venice, Graz is well worth visiting, presumably not only in pre-Christmas time. A unique feature of Graz is its 123 meters high castle mountain in the middle of its flat grounds, which was used as a fortress not only in early historic times and the Middle Ages, but even as an air raid shelter during WWII.

Unfortunately, not adhering to the first commandment of good photography (``have your camera ready´´), I had not brought my digital SLR, so I resorted to my HTC Desire smartphone's camera, which necessarily resulted in relatively poor image quality, in particular with those low-light conditions — yet after some quick post-processing, the results are bearable for low-resolution web publishing.

Andreas-Hofer-Platz, Hauptplatz (main square)

Bürgergasse, Herrengasse

Grieskai, Landhaus

Kunsthaus (museum of modern art)


Mausoleum, Dom

``Busserl-Stiege´´ (spiral stairs)

old town center

Schloßberg (castle mount)

Hotel Weitzer

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