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Day 23: Kangchung-Nangpa La (5716m)-Kangchung

This was the most special part of my trek: getting to Tibet on foot along a historically and economically important yak caravan route. It was partially inspired by a very interesting report available online (in German). Normally the trek from Lungden to the pass and back would take 4-5 days, but we managed to do it in 3 days because we were well acclimatized and in very good shape. Thus we only had to sleep only two nights in a tent. In the upper part of the valley (i.e. north of the bend between Lunak and Laje) the glacier was very strenuous to walk on, and although the weather was mostly sunny, we had to endure gusty cold winds. This was the only day where I experienced Binod at his limits. On the pass we were completely by ourselves - not even yak herds were around. The return trip took us 10 hours, including some half an hour "lunch break" at noon on the pass.

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Kangchung - Nangpa La

We saw the Yeti -
even two of them ;-)

Nangpa La

Picknick on …

… the Tibetan side!

Nangpa La - Kangchung

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